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About Us

Hi I’m Peta, and I’m the founder of Max Trendz.
Like many of you, I found myself continually frustrated by the fact that it was near impossible to find quality, fashionable clothes and accessories at a reasonable price.
I searched high and low but it seemed that there was no viable alternative to paying the exorbitant prices charged by the large retail chains so I set out to find a better way.
After much trial and error and hundreds of hours of painstaking research I was finally able to find the right suppliers who could deliver the latest looks and hottest trends without the heavy price tag.
And as a result a new enterprise was born-and that was Max Trendz!


Our vision and philosophy

Our vision is to set a new standard for value in supplying quality clothes and accessories.
That’s why we have partnered with some amazing suppliers to bring you forward-focused, fun fashions from some of the biggest and most popular brands at incredibly low prices.
And at Max Trendz we’re not just about the well known labels.
We also believe in giving newcomers to the industry valuable exposure so we have sourced some top-notch independent designers to bring you new, exciting and unique pieces.
And we take the time and care to personally handpick and test all of our products so you can be sure that the quality you get is never compromised.
Going forward we’re committed to making it easy for you to get affordable, up-to-date clothes, accessories and other stuff that we guarantee will keep everyone happy- even the fussiest of teenagers!


Thank you

Finally I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of our valued customers.
We are a family business and your support does not feed a big corporate machine but instead has allowed me to feed my family, let my children enjoy playing sport and has enabled me to successfully juggle a business and motherhood without putting my toddler into childcare.
We look forward to continuing to provide you with the personal care and special touch that you just won’t find at the bigger stores.
Once again thank you and happy shopping!
Founder of MaxTrendz!